Saturday, August 29, 2009

Netlabel Release: monoKraK 38 - Par

Prac - Isaac Levy by Isaac Levy
Hello everyone, i wanted to share this new release of mine in conjunction with Floating Mind, Roberto Vitali, the man behind monoKraK.

MonoKraK records is now a netlabel oriented ambient and deep minimal techno. Founded in 2006 by Roberto Vitali and based in Geneva (Switzerland), the first goal was to be a quality vinyl label of electronic music. But faced with the difficulties of finding a distributor and manage an independent label, it was decided to transform the identity of MonoKraK. For those who are out of the music business, just because they are not a “good product”, there is another chance : netlabels. No more money in the affair, just music. The feeling to be free and to produce what or who you want is now a reality.

Release name: monoKraK 38 - Par

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