Saturday, September 29, 2012

Abstract Dance + Synthetic Sounds - Semana Cultural @ ETSAM [27-09-12]

Abstract Dance + Synthetic Sounds - Semana Cultural @ ETSAM [27-09-12] from Isaac Levy on Vimeo.

...the project started with the idea of a live improvisation, a combination of dance + synthetic sounds. From this, we designed and built a stage of light structure and translucent membrane illuminated from the inside from which the dancer was able to play with both, her silhouette and shadows, combining them in an abstract way with the arrhythmic sounds generated with analog modular/semi-modular synthesizers... ....everything you see/hear here was improvized.... Dancer: Lea Ingold Pradel. Stage design: Isaac A. Levy C. Juan Gayoso Membrane confection: Valentina M. Soto R. Illumination: Juan Gayoso Sounds: Isaac A. Levy C.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Isaac Levy - Time spent - [Original Mix]

Isaac Levy - Time spent - [Original Mix]

hi, this is monoKraK 128 ! Isaac Levy VS Floating Mind "Combination EP" is 2 free tracks of deep minimal electro and deep minimal techno.
Track 1 : Isaac Levy "Time Spent"
Track 2 : Floating Mind "Aurore's Long Trip"
Contact Isaac Levy : Isaac Levy
Contact Floating Mind : roberto (Floating Mind)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Isaac Levy - Live PA - "Raw Content" - [april 2001]

Isaac Levy - Live PA - Raw Content - [Live Set - April 11] by Isaac Levy

some sounds i've made, just a rough jamming of them (not finished tracks)....


01 - Where are you Going? - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
02 - Effera - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
03 - Gone With Conflicts - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
04 - Refuse - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
05 - Why Does it Fall? - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
06 - Taxi Instead - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
07 - Tracting - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
08 - Tuto - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
09 - I Like Red - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
10 - Sorry, House is Full - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
11 - Limo - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
12 - Approval - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
13 - Curso - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]
14 - MOP - Isaac Levy - [Work In Progress]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beatport Exclusive:

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Un Poco Technológico - R. Salas [EP]

R. Salas Bio: 
R. Salas (Raul Salas) is a former member of Dialogos Con La Electrónica (DCLE) collective from 2008 and has been interested in machines’s made music from 1992. Today he loves the sound of deep house, deep techno, techno and minimal. He has been resident dj of Sala Missiana (Marbella, Spain) until April 2009, sharing dj booth with people like Miguel Tovar, Anuschka, Jhön and Chritstian Montoya among others. He has been working in parties organized by DCLE at places like Colonial Face and La Cabaña, placed at the marina Marbella. He also has created Superplastika with Jhön, a new electronic music initiative for area of Marbella.

1. Un Poco Technológico - R. Salas (Original mix)
2. S-telar - R. Salas (Original mix)
3. Un Poco Technológico - R. Salas (Isaac Levy Remix)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kollektiv Artists Volume 1

A compilation of new electronic music from artists, who create together on our music kollektiv, mK, which can be found at:

Released today, Saturday 23rd of January 2010.

mK has brought together artists from all over the world; Argentina, UK, Spain, Finland, Panama, Portugal. Together they have created some beautiful music especially for the listeners of mK:

The end result is simply magical, a wonderful 79 minutes of electronic music: techno, experimental, and minimal.
We really hope you like it, as a lot of Kollektiv creative energy has been put into our creation.
We were especially happy to get so much new material especially for the release.
Anyway without delay, come and have a listen or free download at:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DARWIN - course of life

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LGX 004: Course Of Life

Isaac Levy(Spain)

Genres: Minimal, Techno

At this moment is exclusive with

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miniatura Records [MINIA050] Va 50th Anniversary - Keep Your Body Warm LP

[MINIA050]VA50th Anniversary - Keep Your Body Warm LP (Duo, Pit Spector&Grifin, Mauro Alpha & Dalbe, Soroa, Israel Vich, Roebin DeFreitas,Isaac Levy, Alexiss & Peppermint, Sys-Hex, Schleisslich..)OUT

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Kilthro 02 EP - [by Isaac Levy] - on: MK02

Mekanika de Solidos- Isaac Levy [Rework] by Isaac Levy

Arremeter - Isaac Levy (Original Mix) by Isaac Levy

Cfrc28 - Isaac Levy (Original Mix) by Isaac Levy

Nombres - Isaac Levy (Original Mix) by Isaac Levy

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Netlabel Release: monoKraK 38 - Par

Prac - Isaac Levy by Isaac Levy
Hello everyone, i wanted to share this new release of mine in conjunction with Floating Mind, Roberto Vitali, the man behind monoKraK.

MonoKraK records is now a netlabel oriented ambient and deep minimal techno. Founded in 2006 by Roberto Vitali and based in Geneva (Switzerland), the first goal was to be a quality vinyl label of electronic music. But faced with the difficulties of finding a distributor and manage an independent label, it was decided to transform the identity of MonoKraK. For those who are out of the music business, just because they are not a “good product”, there is another chance : netlabels. No more money in the affair, just music. The feeling to be free and to produce what or who you want is now a reality.

Release name: monoKraK 38 - Par